White opaque thigh-highs

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White thigh-highs are not an everyday kind of fashion accessory, but they do come in handy when putting together a certain costumes – a sexy schoolgirl outfit, a sexy nurse uniform, or a hot Dorothy costume. Some thigh-highs have adornments like bows or lace-tops, while others are as simple as can be. When shopping for thigh-highs, make sure you can a pair that are not too tight at the top, otherwise you could end up being uncomfortable rather than relaxed and sexy.
White opaque thigh-highs:
White opaque thigh-highs pictured:
Left: WHITE Ladies’ Thigh High/Over Knee High Solid Opaque Socks-Medium
Middle: Xfome Style Women’s Sexy Thigh High Opaque Lace Top Stockings Color White
Right: Opaque White Thigh High with Black Bow