Amber spray bottles

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Amber colored glass has been used in the pharmaceuticals industry for many years. The idea being that the dark color blocks some light from reaching the contents of the bottle, which may be light-sensitive. Of course, beer is also usually sold in colored bottles, as well as olive oil, in order to preserve them longer. If you need this kind of bottle fitted with a spray nozzle, you’ll be glad to know that you can find them available in many different sizes.
Amber spray bottle:
Amber spray bottles pictured:
1- 1 oz Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle with Fine Mist sprayer 12/bx
2- 4 oz Amber PET (plastic) Empty Spray Bottle- Pack of 4
3- 8 Oz Glass Spray Bottle For Cleaning or Essential Oils Mixtures!
4- 16 Oz Glass Spray Bottle for Cleaning