Hotel laundry carts

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Chances are, that if you have a relatively large family, you may find yourself making two or more trips to the laundry room as you gather the dirty clothes from everyone’s room. A hotel-style laundry cart however, with its large and deep hamper, can accommodate a large family’s dirty laundry with one single pass throughout the house. And when you’re not using the laundry cart for moving laundry about, you can use the cart as a means of easily carting your cleaning supplies around as you go from room to room.
Hotel laundry cart:
Hotel laundry carts pictured:
Left: Nylon Rolling Laundry BIN Dirty Gym Towel Metal Storage SPA Salon Equipment PRO
Right: Ex-Cell Kaiser 460 W CHR Laundry Caddy Steel Laundry Waste Collector, 24-1/2″ Length x 21-1/4″ Width x 35″ Height

A true hotel laundry cart is very large, and very heavy-duty. For home use, they should not be necessary.