Outdoor wind chimes

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If you’re tying to create a more Zen like environment on your patio deck or in your backyard garden, outdoor wind chimes can play a significant role in providing a soothing melody of sound and peaceful aural stimulation. Some wind chimes are tuned to a certain musical scale like the ever popular Aeolian mode, while other chimes are tuned to various intervals, producing unique overtones depending on the strength of the wind that powers them. There’s even an “Amazing Grace” wind chime that sounds like the popular spiritual tune it is named after. Whichever outdoor wind chime you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the beauty of sound created by these wind chimes.
Outdoor wind chimes:
Outdoor wind chimes pictured:
Left: Woodstock Encore Collection Bronze Chimes of Pluto Windchime
Right: Woodstock Healing Chime