Mirrored Media Console

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Mirrored furniture has a great advantage: it fits in with anything. Since it really has no color, and it reflects the existing colors of the room, it really can’t clash with anything. Is a mirrored media console a good idea? It seems to me that there could be some issues with reflections while watching television. The moving colors from the TV screen itself could be reflected on the top surface of the console, and this might be distracting. Also, any light source that is facing the TV could be a source of reflections. If these reflections are competing with the light emitted from the TV, then it could affect the watching experience negatively. There is no doubt that mirrored consoles are beautiful, even in a traditional decor. Whether it is the best choice for the placement of a television set is up to you.
Mirrored Media Console:
Mirrored Media Console - 4
Mirrored Media Console pictured: Contemporary Mirror Front White Wood TV Console