White kaftan maxi dresses

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When a woman wears a kaftan dress, she looks relaxed, comfortable and confident. A perfect combination for a party or any social engagement. There are sleeveless, mid-sleeve and long-sleeve models available, and whereas some are very simple in design, other feature some fairly ornate decorations. Whatever style you go for, make sure that your dress is not so long that you end up walking on it. Take into consideration what shoes you will be wearing with it.
White kaftan maxi dress:
White kaftan maxi dresses pictured:
Left: Koh Koh Women’s Long V-Neck Kaftan Gown Maxi Dress
Middle: Palas Fashion Women’s Arabic Maxi Kaftan Dress – One Size
Right: Koh Koh Women’s V-neck Half Sleeve Empire Kaftan Caftan Long Maxi Dress