Fairy Halloween costumes for adults

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If you are looking for a Halloween outfit that is fun, colorful and feminine, then a Fairy costume should fit the bill perfectly. When choosing a fairy costume, you may be tempted to get one that has large wings. While these certainly make a great impact, they can be problematic. If you’re going to be spending October 31st in a crowded club or party, the wings could get in the way of other people and be a nuisance. So keep this in mind before buying. To complete the fairy effect, look into getting a wand and a pair of tights or stockings.
Fairy Halloween costumes for adults:
Fairy Halloween costumes for adults pictured:
Left: Adult Women’s Plus Size Green Fairy Costume (12)
Middle: California Costumes Women’s Rose Fairy Costume
Right: California Costumes Women’s Twilight Fairy Costume

Footwear is especially important with this type of costume. Sandals, strappy heels, or pixie boots should do the trick, unless you’re going for a sexy fairy costume, in which case you can wear high boots.