Stick on vampire fangs

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Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up as a vampire for Halloween? I remember the vampire teeth I wore back in the 80’s, those snow white plastic fangs that were supposed to cover all your front teeth, made it almost impossible to talk, and would drop out constantly. I dunno, maybe my mouth has a weird shape to it, because my friends didn’t seem to have a problem with this type. Now you can buy stick-on vampire fangs. Fangs that stick-on like caps on the front of your teeth. Or you can opt for shaping your teeth, but that’s going to the extreme I think.
Stick on vampire fangs:
Stick on vampire fangs pictured:
Left: Love Bites Small Fangs From Planetcostume
Middle: Love Bites Deluxe Custom Fangs in Heart Box – Accessories & Makeup
Right: Scarecrow Small Deluxe Custom Fangs