Flapper fringe mini skirts

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The flapper look is iconic: it instantly makes us think of the roaring twenties. And although a fringed skirt is perfectly suited for a flapper costume, it can be worn as a cocktail skirt as well. Since the fringed look is already quite eye-catching, you may want to go with a subtle color, like black. But if you really want to get noticed, there is no shortage of bright colored fringed mini skirts that will really make your outfit stand out.
Flapper fringe mini skirt:
Flapper fringe mini skirts pictured:
Left: Dreamgirl Fringe Starter Skirt, Black, Large
Middle: Carapace Womens Swankily Fluffy Fringe Mini Skirt
Right: Vikoros Women’s Fringes Mini Chiffon Short Skirt Red Size US 8-14