Flight attendant costumes

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Bring the fun back to the party with a classic flight attendant costume that is sure to get a thumbs up from everyone. A sky blue short dress with white trim and buttons alongside a white silk scarf, small travel bag and trademark stewardess cap will provide you with a familiar retro look that will remind party-goers why at one time it was fun to fly the friendly skies. Of course, not all of these types of costumes have a retro look, bu it is the old uniform that have that iconic look that is so perfect for a costume.
Flight attendant costume:
Flight attendant costume pictured:
Left: Plus Size Swanky Stewardess Costume (Grey;1X-2X)
Middle: Classic Flight Attendant Sexy Holiday Party Costume (Aqua;1X-2X)
Right: LA83665 (M/L) Retro Flight Attendant