Felt pads for furniture feet

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You can buy felt for furniture feet pretty much anywhere, and inexpensively too. I wish everybody had these, especially the people in the apartment above me, when they decide to move furniture at odd hours of the day and night. It would be so much easier for both of us. Felt feet for furniture are little adhesive pads that stick onto the feet of your tables, chairs and dressers so when you move or rearrange a piece of furniture it will slide easily, it will not scratch the floor, and it will not make a sound. Your downstairs neighbors will thank you for using them.
Felt pads for furniture feet:
Felt for furniture feet pictured:
Left: Waxman 4723695N Self-Stick Round Felt Pads, Brown, 3-Inch
Right: Big Foot Universal Professional Nail-On Padded Furniture Tack Glides – 16 Pie…