Broom and mop hangers

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You know what happens when you rest a broom on its bristles: the bristles slowly get bent out of shape under the constant weight of the broom handle. Hanging the broom from its handle (if it has a loop at the end) or upside-down on a holder that uses tension to keep it in place should lengthen the life of your brooms and mops, as well as keep things neat and tidy in the broom closet, pantry or kitchen wall.
Broom and mop hanger:
Broom and mop hanger pictured: Spoga, Mop and Broom Organiser, Wall Mounted Storage & Organizer for Your Home, Closet, Garage and Shed, Holds Up To 11 Tools,Superior Quality Tool Rack Holds Mops, Brooms, or Sports Equipment

If you don’t want long nails or hooks sticking out of your wall for safety reason, then a tension hanger is a good choice.