Mens Mad Hatter costumes

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Johnny Depp’s fun and humorous portrayal of the Mad Hatter character from the 2010 movie Alice In Wonderland has sparked a popular resurgence of Mad Hatter character Halloween costumes. With the trademark big top hat, colorful jacket, vest, bow tie and psychedelic shirt with laced cuffs, a Mad Hatter costume is sure to be a big hit at any costume party. For added effect, watch the film and try to mimic Depp’s mannerisms as much as possible.
Mens Mad Hatter costume:
Mens Mad Hatter costumes pictured:
Left: Mens XSM (32-36) Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume (Pants Color Diff.) (Hat/Cane/Shoes/Gloves Not Included)
Middle: Mad Hatter Adult Costume (Standard)
Right: Mad Tea Host Adult Costume

Of course, the costume is up to interpretation, and the movie version is only one of several that already exist.