Interior folding accordion doors

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Why go through the trouble of installing an accordion door? Because it’s a great way to save space. We don’t tend to think of it that way, but an open door takes up a fair amount of room, preventing you from placing furniture on the wall surface that it occupies. An accordion door takes up none of that room, and for that reason it is an ideal solution for small rooms, where every inch counts.
Interior folding accordion doors:
Interior folding accordion doors
Interior folding accordion doors pictured:
left: Flexi Space 4504572 Cedar Glossy Folding Door Roraima Double-ply with Flexible Vinyl Hinge, Magnetic Latch & Handle, with 5 Short Milky Glass Panel, 32.0″ L x 0.23″ W
right: HomeStyles Plaza Vinyl All Purposed Accordion Door, 36″ x 80″, Nutmeg by The Generic