Large glass hurricane candle holders

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A glass hurricane candle holder can add a classic look to practically any room in your home. Most models can accommodate tea lights, pillars and floating candles. And because the holder has a graceful and decorative appearance, it can also be used as a centerpiece vase if so desired. In fact, if you have a large glass or a clear vase, you could theoretically use it as a hurricane candle holder. Just make sure the glass is thick and wide enough, otherwise it could crack from the heat.
Large glass hurricane candle holder:
Large glass hurricane candle holders pictured:
Left: Lenox Garden Crystal Hurricane Lamp
Middle: Set of 12 Eastland Glass Adena Hurricane Vases 10.5″
Right: Syndicate Sales 13 3/8″ Hurricane Vase, Clear

The reason these are called “hurricane” candle holders is because the high sides of the glass protect the flame from wind.