Butt-lifting Jeans

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If you got back and are not shy about showing it off, then slip into a comfortable pair of butt-lifting jeans for a lift and shape that would make Sir Mix-A-Lot cheer. Originally from Brazil, these jeans are made from stretchy, smooth denim which hugs all the right places, enhancing the contours of your behind for a more defined and shapely round look.
Butt-lifting Jeans:
Butt-lifting Jeans pictured:
Left: Back in Black Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox 3017 / Middle: Brighter Days Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox 7036 (9/10) / Right: Sapphire Skies Butt Enhancing Jeans by Verox 7035

These jeans are available in several colors.