Science neckties

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Show your professor how much he was appreciated throughout the year by having your classmates chip in to buy him a tie. But not just any tie. Depending on the course, you can find a wide variety of ties that match a variety of subjects. There are science neckties, mathematics neckties, nuclear physics neckties and ties that feature quantitative equations and element tables among a whole list of others. And if you can find a tie that is colored in the school colors, then all the better. You might not get a better grade, but your prof will appreciate the consideration.
Science neckties:
Science neckties pictured:
Left: Black Silk Tie | Geometry Necktie
Middle: Men’s Mathematics Silk Tie by Wild Ties in Red
Right: Blue Silk Tie | Nuclear Physics Necktie



Left: Steven Harris Chemisty Laboratory Necktie – Black – One Size Neck Tie
Right: Steven Harris Mens Albert Einstein Scientist Necktie – Black – One Size Neck Tie