Crystal point pendants

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For many, the healing energy from a crystal is an important aspect of everyday life and wearing a crystal point pendant is symbolic of their beliefs. Apart from the mystical healing properties of crystal, they can also be used in many facets of life such as business, meditation, travel and of course, love. And if nothing else, crystal pendants are beautiful to look at and accessorize your wardrobe with.
Crystal point pendant:
Crystal point pendants pictured:
Left: Positive Energy Magic Powers Cosmic Amulet Crystal Point Lucky Charm Blue Gold Stone Stainless Steel Pendant on 18″ Necklace
Middle: Lucky Crystal Point Pendant Necklace in Amethyst Gemstone
Right: Amulet Crown Bail Blue Lace Agate Crystal Point Natural Energy Good Luck Powers Pendant on 18″ Stainless Steel Necklace