Mens prisoner costumes

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Prisons don’t use the traditional black-and-white-stripes prisoner uniform anymore, as far as I know. The standard uniform is now the bright orange jumpsuit because it is easy to spot and doesn’t blend well in its surroundings. Still, the striped uniform is still the most iconic: it’s the one seen in old movies and cartoons and it has a comical look that is probably what you’re looking for when going to a Halloween party or any costume party.
Mens prisoner costume:
Mens prisoner costumes pictured:
1- Plus Size Convict Man Costume
2- FunWorld Jailbird Or Prisoner, Black, One Size Costume
3- Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s Adult Prisoner Man Costume
4- California Costumes Men’s Jailbird Costume

Look for accessories like a plastic ball-and-chain or the kind of large hammers used by members of chain gangs.