Mens Roman gladiator Halloween costumes

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Whether you are a fan of the movie Gladiator starring Russell Crowe, a history buff, or you just like the look of Roman outfits, a gladiator costume could be a good choice for a Halloween party. These usually consist of a tunic and some kind of body armor. Some may also include a helmet, a cape, shin guards and arm guards. But usually costumes do not include accessories such as swords, shields or helmets.
Mens Roman gladiator Halloween costume:
Mens Roman gladiator Halloween costumes pictured:
1- Rubie’s Costume Roman Gladiator, Brown, One Size Costume
2- Adult Roman Gladiator Costume (Size: Standard 42-46)
3- Roman Gladiator Greek Spartan Warrior Halloween Costume One Size Fits Most (up to 46″ chest) (Standard)
4- Roman Centurion (L) Historical Costume Adult Fancy Dress