Sonny and Cher wigs

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Sonny and Cher’s music and TV show remind us of the sixties and seventies. But what may be even more iconic is their look: Sonny’s mustache and Cher’s long hair are instantly recognizable. If you are a couple looking for a themed costume, this is a fun option, especially if you can imitate Sonny Bono’s nasal tone and Cher’s deep, throaty voice. The wigs can be paired with either 60’s or 70’s clothes, as the duo was popular in both decades.
Sonny and Cher wigs:
Sonny and Cher wigs pictured:
Left: Cher Wig – One Size
Right: Adult Sonny Bono Costume Wig and Mustache Set

When wearing a fake mustache for any costume, you may want to bring a little extra mustache glue with you. Over time, especially if you are sweating, the glue tends to get diluted, and your mustache may fall off.