Sticky chalkboard pantry labels

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Sticky labels are great for labeling containers to identify their contents, to stick on a wine glass so there is no confusion about whose glass is whose, or for any other labeling need. But when they are chalkboard labels, whatever is written on them can be erased. So if the contents of a box or jar changes, you simply erase the label and write on it again. A simple, yet smart idea, ideal for the pantry.
Sticky chalkboard pantry labels:
Sticky chalkboard pantry labels pictured:
Left: 22 Fancy Rectangle Chalkboard Sticker Variety Pack – Chalkboard Labels in 4 Sizes
Right: Wrapables Oval/Rectangle/Fancy Frame Chalkboard Labels/Stickers, 2-Inch by 1.5-Inch, Set of 36