Wrapping paper storage containers

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If after the holidays, you have a bunch of wrapping paper that you can use again for birthdays or other gift giving holidays, storing it somewhere can be a bit tricky since you might not want to toss the paper in the closet. A simple solution is to buy a wrapping paper storage container that you can simply slip underneath your bed, under a couch or high up on a shelf. In that container you can also keep a pair of scissors, tape, ribbon, labels and gift tags so you don’t always have to look for them when you need to wrap up a few more gifts.
Wrapping paper storage container:
Wrapping paper storage containers pictured:
1- Household Essentials Holiday Wrapping Paper Storage Box, Red with Green Trim
2- Gift Wrap Storage Bag – Red by Richards Homewares
3- Dyno Seasonal Solutions Zip-Up Gift Wrap Storage Tube with Storage Compartment for Scrapbooking, 45-Inch
4- Homz Holiday Wrap Organizer 17.2″ x 9.8″ x 34.8″